June 12 2018, a new opening training feature has been added to the site.
Available to gold members only.The new interface has the following improvements: After each problem is completed you can see a history of all your previous attempts on the problem (Gold members only).The main focus of development work over the last few months has been on features not yet ready for release, however a number of other minor changes were made without news announcements, these include: A "Start Dialog" was added to the tactics and endgame pages.If you would like to help out with either an existing or new translation, please send an email to 6th September 2010 Chess Tempo now has a new Chess Game Database.A new version of the, play online interface is now available on the Beta site.Problem attempt based sets can also sexy chat met mannen be merged, for example, two sets for problems you have seen before and problems you have not seen before could be merged with say a 90 weight on new problems and 10 on old problems, allowing you to review.
Training targets can be created/deleted on the Training Targets page, which can be reached via the Training Targets option on the Training menu.
Coaches can also edit their students' preferences, including assigning custom problem sets to students.
Start positions, rating ranges, opponent names can all be saved in the favourite.
You can read more about these in the Advanced Custom Set Filters and Custom Problem Set Sorting sections of the membership description page.
Diamond members will be able to run 8 threads at once, either with the same engine for deeper analysis, or across multiple engines to analyse up to 8 different positions at the same time.Many computer lines truncated to avoid showing silly moves at the edge of the search horizon.You can read more details on the blog post announcing the features.November 23 2017, we have introduced a new diamond membership level, and a new membership signup page with some important new features.Improved handling of aborts when user does not play first move.You can optionally skip the opening of any GTM game by clicking on the skip opening button under the board, but this must be done before you play any moves.Board setting changes are now handled by clicking the settings icon in the top left of the board.Advanced search includes a material search and convenient endgame finder.To use these features, both the coach and the students must have active gold memberships.August 21 2013 A new 'Guess The Move' feature has been released.There is also a 'Change Set' button below the board, so you can change your current problem set during any solving session without going to your preferences.Improvements include: Computer analysis is now shown for the best opponent moves, this makes it easier to understand unexpected opponent moves.

If you would prefer not to be bothered with achievement notifications while training or playing, they can be turned off in your preferences (on the "other" tab).
Another thanks to the volunteer translators and beta testers who have again helped greatly with this release.